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  • Super dictionary

    Par Marie10001
    And what is important is the possibility to hear the prononciation . When you are not an English speaker this is absolutely necessary
  • Outrageous

    Par Delouz
    Too bad that you now have no choice but to pay 46€ EVERY YEAR for 15 dictionaries when you only need one. The subscription model is really a disgrace. There used to be a time when you’d buy your dictionary and that was it. You could buy the update 10 years later. It’s real shame, considering that the content is great…
  • Rewarding

    Par D H AAH
    Nearly all our requests are honored
  • Bad update

    Par ideogram
    Where is the dark mode gone ?
  • bombed by adds and subscription requests

    Par datadoktoren
    bombed by adds and subscription requests. I’m sure the app is useful in the expensive paying version, but not in the free version.

    Par Calebaaron
    L’app ne fournit plus synonymes des mots ; payant et nettement moins utile, un comble ! Dr Gerard Laurens, MD
  • Incomprehensible

    Par lasublime
    The so-called Fremium version allows 1 word a day!! And even that 1 word is inaccessible once you have clicked away from the definition. That is, you can not even recheck your one measly word, it is locked out of view. There is no thesaurus, nor etymology provided, that I could see. But since I couldn’t go back to check my one word, I couldn’t verify this lack of thesaurus and etymology. I like the ides of paying for applications because I don’t like advertising. (Although I don’t like of paying every year to have access.) I like the idea of temporary or limited access to content in order to assess the product in question. (When I go to buy a refrigerator in a shop, I can touch it etc in order make some judgement about how it works.) The extremely limited one-word, one-view freemium version of this dictionary makes me want to delete it. Which is what I will do.
  • Practical

    Par Lola Rasta
    Best complete dictionary I found so far
  • C

    Par nul0000007777nul
    Kokkooooooookkkkklkkkkkkoooolko Oe cv b ko yo il
  • Thank you developers!

    Par DestinyAnneXX
    Marvelous work🤍🤍🤍
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