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  • Where are the new words?

    Par ARzG
    I have seen that on the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary website, new words are added to the dictionary twice a year. Yet, those new words don’t seem to be available on this application. I have subscribed to the free trial and tried looking up the word ‘ride-hailing’ but there were no hits, while the word was added to the website version of the dictionary in September 2023. Even words added in 2021 are not listed (‘blue Monday’, ‘anti-vaccine’, etc.). The only thing that could justify a subscription system for a dictionary is if the content keeps getting updated. It not being the case, it seems to me like it’s much more worth it to buy the OALD through Monokakido’s ‘Dictionaries’ application since it’s a one-time payment and roughly the same price as your four-year subscription plan…………..
  • Frustrated with OALD9 - So don’t buy

    Par Famien
    The app is not working. I see my purchase of OALD9 listed there in the app but I can’t download it to use it. The only link that is working in the app is the one that takes you to subscribe to OALD10. But I purchased OALD9. Why can’t I download it. The developer is intentionally freezing the downloading of OALD8 and OALD9 to force old buyers to subscribe to there newly designed yearly expensive plan. Frankly this is out of respect for your customers and really frustrating. I do no longer to anyone to buy any Oxford dictionary. It’s in their DNA to behave like this. I purchased the online web-based app, which doesn’t work for desktop. So I purchased the actual paper dictionary that comes with CD for Windows. For my iPhone I had to purchase the same app a third time, iPhone only; only to not be able to use it à year later. I want a refund!
  • Good dictionary

    Par jin12_
    Well I don’t understand why it has a three stars’ note. Maybe because it’s not free? Anyway for me I think this is the dictionary app I use the most frequently while learning English.
  • OALD

    Par AlAminProd
    Dose it work only for four years? Do I have to buy it again after 4 years?
  • Previous feature in OALD 9 missing

    Par Bernard Damien
    Hello to the team, This is a very valuable app and I would like to thank you all for your amazing work. However, I noticed that the ability to go back to the original word entered is not available anymore and it’s a shame as it damages the smooth experience of the app. Would you consider enabling this feature again as it was on the previous edition of the app? Thank you
  • Good app but miss one thing

    Par Fredroy
    It's a good app but I regret, like the dictionary on the web, that it doesn't offer a choice between British English and American English. Indeed, if for example I search for the word "different" in the app I only have /ˈdɪfrənt/ whereas if I choose this same word on the online dictionary but in American English only I have two choices: /ˈfeɪvrət/, /ˈfeɪvərət/.I hope the app will have this possibility soon.
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